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Machinery Services UK Limited

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BE-Modern Move & Re-installation

BE-Modern Move & Re-installation

Machinery Services UK Ltd had the project of repositioning and servicing a 50 meter Giardina spray line which was situated at the BE Modern fire places factory.  This project was in conjunction with GMD Giardina who provided the spare parts etc. There were three parts to the project as follows.

 1.       The first part was breaking down of the existing machinery as to be able to move on skates through the factory to another part where the line was being repositioned too. This included the disconnection of all electrics and air fixings for the various machines that we moved.

2.       We then had to transport the machinery out of one end of the factory to another side/part which meant lifting out the machinery using a Hiab wagon and a fork lift truck. There was also the need to use a 50 ton crane for the larger pieces of machinery in the line. This was then transported down to the new area and offloaded in line.

3.       The final part of the project included the repositioning and levelling of the line, then servicing the machines which included replacement of piping within the spraying machine. Once air and electrics had been applied to the line we were able to run trial pieces through and complete the move process.

BE Modern have been successfully using their line in its new place within their factory. They were pleased with the efficiency and professionalism that was demonstrated by Machinery Services and in what was an awkward area for moving such big, long machinery were thankful for the competence and knowledge of moving such machines shown by Machinery Services. 

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