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Machinery Services UK Limited

High Pressure Laminate

If you've been looking for affordable, reliable and high quality high pressure laminate solutions then Machinery Services UK Ltd could very well be the ideal provider for you. We are an engineering company based in the historic town of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire with over 25 years worth of experience in the high pressure laminate and wood working industries, although we specialise in waste wood management and post-forming system. Our experience working with a wide variety of companies both in the UK and abroad has allowed us to amass the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to enable us to provide a wide range of solutions for almost any wood working machinery needs.

Being durable, decorative and easy to maintain has ensured that high pressure laminate products have remained a popular solution in commercial, leisure and domestic applications. The high pressure laminate work available from Machinery Services UK Ltd entails creating a thermosetting composite sheet that has been subjected to high temperature and pressure (at least 1,000 lb per sq in, or 70kg per sq cm, although more commonly closer to 1,200 to 2,000 lb pre sq in) forming an irreversible chemical bond between the layers. Decorative papers can be thermo-processed into the high pressure laminate to create decorative laminates to be used for furniture surfacing or wall panelling.

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A wide range of industries rely on high pressure laminate products for their business or products, for example the use of laminates on horizontal work surfaces such as kitchen work surfaces and tabletops is a well know application of the product, encouraging the development of complex decorative prints and high gloss textures. High pressure laminate work surfaces are a popular choice for schools, caterers and hospitals. Machinery Services UK Ltd is also able to manufacturer chemical resistant high pressure laminates for use in laboratories.

The retail sector is also a large consumer of high pressure laminate, using it for a wide range of applications throughout the sector. Counters, shelving, interior and exterior doors, corporate signage and point of sale displays are all common uses of high pressure laminate in the retail sector and something Machinery Services UK Ltd is more than happy to provide advice and guidance on should it be required, all with all of our services and solutions.

Machinery Services UK Ltd is also able to fabricate doors to meet a variety of stringent criteria. For example, laminate doors can be fabricated to provide up to a 1 hour fire rating. Popular in schools, leisure centres and offices, high pressure laminate is an ideal surfacing material for doors as it provides easy maintenance and solid impact resistance.

We are able to provide a wide range of high pressure laminate products with each one specially engineers to provide specific performance characteristics and requirements.

General Purpose High Pressure Laminate

This is the most commonly used High Pressure Laminate and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The typical thickness ranges from 0.7mm to 1.2mm.

Post Forming High Pressure Laminate

Post forming High Pressure Laminate can be formed around curved edges through the correct and accurate application of heat and restraint. The maximum thickness for post forming laminate is approximately 0.97mm and the product can usually be formed with a radii as low as 9.5mm.

High Pressure Laminate Backer

Backer is High Pressure Laminate produced without a decorative surface. This is commonly available as standard backer, which is slightly thinner than standard High Pressure Laminate, or regrind at a slightly reduced price. Regrind is reclaimed High Pressure Laminate that has had the decorative sheet sanded off.

Special High Pressure Laminate Products

Machinery Services UK Ltd is able to use our high pressure laminate services for a range of high quality specialist products with a variety of unique characteristics such as high-wear durability, fire resistance, electrostatic dissipative qualities and chemical resistance. MDF or chipboard can be laminated with high pressure laminate to improve the quality, performance and load bearing of the material.

Should you have any further question regarding the availability of high pressure laminate products, services and solutions from Machinery Services UK Ltd then please don't hesitate to contact us via the short form on our Contact Us page and a member of our team will get back to you as a matter of importance. Machinery Services UK Ltd is absolutely worth your time considering when looking for reliable, long lasting and affordable high pressure laminate solutions.