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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
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Machinery Services UK Limited

Industrial Adhesives

Machinery services UK Ltd is a committed, reliable and hard-working family run engineering company based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, specializing in the installation, servicing and supply of all types of woodworking, waste management, postforming machinery and industrial adhesives. We have built up over 25 years of experience in this time our team has worked for many of the woodworking industries leading companies both in the UK and in overseas locations including Europe, Africa and Asia.

Machinery Services UK Ltd is able to offer all our customers a unique and specialised service for the postforming, laminating and woodworking industry; offering a range of machine sales, services, repairs, installation and removal and industrial adhesives supply. Our team is able to provide honest, reliable and trustworthy advice on all aspects of panel and woodworking processing and in addition can supply you with all the required equipment and assist you in selecting from a wide-range of high performance industrial adhesives to meet your particular needs. We work in partnership with IC Bonding Systems to allow us access to a fantastic range of industrial adhesives which we then supply to our customers. The industrial adhesives available from Machinery Services UK Ltd include spray neoprene, PVA, hot melt, PU and MCPU.

The complete range of industrial adhesives available include:

Take A Look At Some Of Our Available Industrial Adhesives »

Machinery Services UK Ltd also have available a selection of resin adhesives including:

Ace A1205 two part UF
This traditional adhesive is an all-round glue suitable for the vast majority of applications in the wood working industry, such as veneering, pressing, foliating and joinery items. A thermosetting adhesive with catalyst to meet D3 EN204 durability, Ace A1205 can be used from 20oC/68oF. Various catalysts are available to suit pot life and curing time. These adhesives are an excellent choice for bonding MR substrates and wood veneers and are capable of reducing the telegraphing of any core imperfections.

Ace P-Res500 two part PU
A gap filling resin effectively used for infilling postformed upstand/downstand vanity unit section. P-Res500 is also applicable for infilling compact laminate sections that have been postformed as well as many other profiled/formed sections that are challenging to infill using a timber. Every gap is left perfectly filled with a solid and secure cured resin fillet, reducing the risk of fracturing of the formed laminate.

Machinery Services UK Ltd has available several other adhesives from the Ace Adhesives range to suit the majority of applications and requirements including book binding, box converting, picture framing and many more uses.