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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
Call us on 01274 850950

Machinery Services UK Limited

Pallet Shredder

Got plenty of scrap wood just sitting there growing mold and rotten then what you need is a pallet shredder and here at Machinery services we have a great selection of pallet shredders available to you. We have been working alongside companies in the waste industry for over 25 years now and with that we have gathered a wealth of knowledge about near enough anything that could crop up so there is nothing that could or hasn’t already happened that we don’t know how to handle.

Not only do we supply our pallet shredders we also maintain and repair them making sure that after you have got your machine installed and it’s ready and raring to go what could be worse than having it break down a couple of years down the line. Well with our maintenance and repairs we make sure that all of our machines last as long as we can make them.

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Machinery Services have been supporting GMD for the past 30 years throughout the UK and Ireland with engineering services. Their work consisted of: Scheduled Service Work Machinery Breakdowns Installation of very large Capital Equipment for some of the Woodworking Industries largest Companies. Throughout this time they have also refurbished many large Lacquer Finishing Lines and Sanding Machines to a very high standard. At all times they have approached their tasks with a very high level of Professionalism and an ability to do the work with limited assistance from our company.

Machinery Services has been servicing and repairing all different types of woodworking and HPL (High Pressure Laminate) machinery since its formation. We have a number of service contracts with companies in which we provide a full maintenance service followed by reports and carry out repairs that might be needed on the machinery. We specialize in servicing wood hoggers and their conveyor systems and static postforming machinery and throughfeed postforming machinery.