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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
Call us on 01274 850950

Machinery Services UK Limited

Woodworking Machinery Engineers,
Manufactures of Postforming Machinery.
Re conditioning, removal & installation of all types of woodworking machinery


Machinery Services have been working in the postforming and laminating industries for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge on all aspects of Static and Throughfeed Postforming applications.

We acquired the Bonding Systems manufacturing division in 1987 and developed the machinery; both the BS48 Through feed Postformer and the PF14M Static Postformer. From this we designed and manufactured the DMP4000 Static Postformer after consultation with laminate suppliers and customers. We are agents for the Turanlar range of Postformers in the UK with many of these machines working successfully in the postforming industry.

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Through Feed Postformers

T-PF 280

The T-PF 280 is a single-side machine with track feed. The operation of the machine is very simple, the temperature will always stay the same, only the conveyor speed will change according to the laminate colour, quality, thickness, freshness etc… for the best application.

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T-PF 590

T-PF 590, the highest model of Turanlar postforming machines, provides a complete solution in postforming applications. With its reasonable price and high productivity the T-PF 590 is an ideal option for companies who use postforming in panel furniture production and laminated board production.

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T-PF 190

This is the most simplistic throughfeed postformer that Turanlar supply. Unlike the 280 and 590 it does not come with a triple cartridge carousel and a number of different trimming and buffing units. Only for very basic postformers.

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Milling Machines

The range of milling machines available are perfect for milling specifc edged profiles on MDF, Chipboard or Compact Laminate. These are useful for companies looking to simplify and improve efficency and safety of their milling process while speeding up production.
T-FC 180

The T-FC 180 is the most basic milling machine available from Turanlar. With just a single cutting tool it is to be used for the most basic profiles that need milling on MDF, chipboard and in some instances compact grade laminate.

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T-FC 198

The T-FC 198 is the complete solution for milling profiles on MDF, Chipboard or Compact Laminate. It comes with two cutting units for complete accuracy and smoothness for specified edge profiles. This machine has also a grooving saw for those with needs for grooved edges on their boards.

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Roller Presses

Turanlars range of Roller Presses or Nip Rollers as they are more commonly reffered to in the UK market are a must for serious laminate fabricators. Please see the different size machines we have available to best suit your needs.
T-RP 135 / 160 / 200

Roller Presses or Nip Rollers as they are more commonly called within the UK laminate industry are for use in pressing laminate to cover its core board. They are popular because of their efficency and ease of use.

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Static Postformer

Bonding Systems PF14-M

The Bonding Systems PF14-M Static Postformer is the popular choice amongst laminate fabricators and has been for the past 30 years.

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