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T-PF 280

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T-PF 280

The T-PF 280 is a single-side machine with track feed. The operation of the machine is very simple, the temperature will always stay the same, only the conveyor speed will change according to the laminate colour, quality, thickness, freshness etc… for the best application.

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T-PF 280 product description

The T-PF 280 doesn’t include a gluing unit. The panel must be pre-glued with contact adhesive before being put into the machine. Contact adhesive can be supplied through our partners at ICBS Bonding System.

They are 1750Watt each, gold bladed glass tubes.

The Triple cartridge unit is a big advantage for customers as they can keep three different profiles ready to run on the machine at any time. To change the profiles takes less than 10 min. All postforming profiles are possible with the machine, three of them are set in the factory, and for other profiles the customers can set them up by themselves after only a small amount of training.

The Triple Cartridge is already set to these three profiles:

The trimming unit is a High Frequency Italian Motor running at 12000 rpm. It is positioned on the bottom to clean the excess amount (overhang) of the laminate. Only to use for half turn (90 degree) profiles, when customers using full turn (180degree) this motor MUST NOT be switched on and must MOVE DOWN so as not to touch the workpiece.

Sample profiles when you can use the trimming motors:

Sample profiles when you cannot use the trimming motors:

Where water is going to be in contact, such as kitchen-worktops, this is a necessary unit. With the help of the grooving unit users can fill the grooves with silicon, hot-melt or something else to protect against water drops. Positioned on the bottom like the trimming unit.

Positioned on the bottom like the trimming and grooving units, it helps to clean the groove as the last process.

Technical datas:

Electrical Level : 400 V- 50 Hz.
Nominal Current : 13 A
Laminate Thickness : 1 mm
Speed : 2 - 11m / min
Total Electrical Power : 7,25 Kw
Working Height : 870 mm
Trimmer Power : 0,37 kW / 12000 rpm
Scoring Motor : 0,55 kW
Dust Collector Enter : 150 mm
Machine Width : 920 mm
Machine Length : 4000 mm

T-PF 280 profiles

Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3 Profile 5 Profile 6 Profile 7 Profile 8 Profile 9 Profile 10 Profile 11 Profile 12 Profile 13
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.