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T-EB 130

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T-EB 130

The T-EB 130 Non-linear Edgebanding Machine is the most economical solution for those working with edging materials ( PVC, ABS ) between 0,4 and 3mm thickness and are wanting to achieve curved edging as well as straight edging. It is a small indispensable machine ideal for companies who require specialist curved edging but are not in a position to invest heavily in machinery that can complete this work automatically. It is simple to use and takes up little floor space. The T-EB 151 Edgebander is ideal for smaller firms.

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T-EB 130 product description

The T-EB 130 Edgebander is able to complete both curved and straight edging on materials from 0.4 - 3mm thickness. All edging is applied through the operator controlling the feed through foot pedals and adhesive is applied just before the edging is bonded to the substrate.

A key feature on this particular edgebander is hot air blower unit which ensures the material sticks more effectively to the substrate. The edging is cut at the end but trimming on the top and bottom of the panel would need to be done separately.

At a fraction of the cost for a fully automated edgebander that can achieve curved edging this is a economical investment for those firms that are looking for an indispensable but reliable edgebander.

Technical datas:

Electrical Level
400 V / 50 Hz
Nominal Current
11,7 A
Edge Material Thickness
0,4 - 3 mm
Board Thickness
50 mm
2 - 8 m/min.
Total Electrical Power
4,5 kW
Total Air Pressure
6 bar
Total Air Usage
8,5 lt/dk
Working Height 910 mm
Machine Width
860 mm
Machine Length
975 mm
Machine Height
1400 mm
Machine Weight
240 kg
Hot Air Blower Power
1600 W
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.