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T-FC 198

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T-FC 198

The T-FC 198 is the complete solution for milling profiles on MDF, Chipboard or Compact Laminate. It comes with two cutting units for complete accuracy and smoothness for specified edge profiles. This machine has also a grooving saw for those with needs for grooved edges on their boards.

The machine is a neccesity for those within the Postforming/ HPL industry which include in their production process door manufacture ,kitchen/ work top manufacturers, shopfitting , washroom/ips panels etc.

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T-FC 198 product description

The T-FC 198 comes complete with two cutting units and a grooving unit. It has a safety enclosure and easy to function control panel on the outside of the machine. Due to it's safety features and simplicity of use semi-skilled operatives can use this machine and you don't  have to have the same skill set as those using hand routers or moulders.


Some of the advantages of this paticular milling machine are :-

- Automatic conveyor system which helps for a smoother and more accurate profile.

- Double cutting units to create a more accurate profile

-Grooving Unit to add a groove feature if required

- Enclosed Safety cabinet which keeps tooling away from operatives and allows semi-skilled operatives to perform this sort of production which has usually been left for skilled joiners etc.

- Easy to adjust cutting heads etc. for various profile use. 

Technical datas:

Electrical Level
400 V / 50 Hz
Nominal Current
26 A
Board Thickness
10 - 50 mm
2 - 11 m/min.
Total Electrical Power
10 kW
Working Height
880 mm
Machine Width
940 mm
Machine Length
3300 mm
Machine Height
1600 mm
Machine Weight
1000 kg
Cutter Rotation
6000 Rpm
Trimmer Knife Insert Dimension
Ø 30
Milling Motor Power
2 x 4 kW
Grooving Milling
1,1 kW
Total Extraction Output
Ø 125 mm
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.