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Turanlar Machinery
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T-RP 135 / 160 / 200

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T-RP 135 / 160 / 200

Turanlars have roller presses that come in three different sizes depending upon the size of boards that you are wishing to feed through. These nip rollers are efficent and easy to use and are a must for any serious laminate fabricators where flat bonding is a constant within their workload.

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T-RP 135 / 160 / 200 product description

Roller presses or nip rollers as they are more commonly called in the UK market are used for applying the laminate to the Chipboard, MDF or Plywood chipboard. The nip rollers are effective as they push the trapped air out of the laminate and core board using their hard rubber rollers and pneumatic presses this makes sure the adhesive is applied with the right amount of pressure and speed. These machines are not limited with the length of the work pieces and are more energy efficient than regular presses .There isn’t a time limit on these machines either like on presses. They take up less floor space even with their in feed and out feed tables and are a must for continuous mass production.


Please see our technical data information on each machine to see which one would best suit your company’s needs.

Technical datas:

Electrical Level : 220 V- 50/60 Hz.
Phase : Single Phase
Nominal Current : 10,08 A/15.3 A/15.3 A
Board Thickness : Max: 90 /90/90mm
Board Width: Max: 1300 /1600/2000mm
Speed: 2 - 6,5 m/min/2-6 m/min / 2-6m/min
Total Electrical Power: 2,37 kW/3,55 kW/ 3,55 kW
Air Pressure: 6 bar/6 bar/ 6 bar
Working Height: 865/ 865/865 mm
Working Length: 4810 /4810/ 4810mm
Machine Width 810 /810/ 810mm
Machine Length: 2060/ 2460 / 2860 mm
Machine Height: 1700/1700/1700 mm
Machine Weight: 635 / 800/1000 kg
Together With Benches: 735/ 900/ 1100 kg
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.