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T-PF 590

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T-PF 590

T-PF 590, the highest model of Turanlar postforming machines, provides a complete solution in postforming applications. With its reasonable price and high productivity the T-PF 590 is an ideal option for companies who use postforming in panel furniture production and laminated board production.


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T-PF 590 product description

The T-PF 590 postforming machine guarantees precise, efficient and productive operation.

Basic Advantages:

Frequency controlled milling and trimming units. Milling unit cleans overhangs for placing the laminate, trimming unit measures the laminate for exact matching.

PVA glue is applied to the postforming edges when in the T-PF 590 machine. This reduces the waste of glue, saving you money, and also more curving of the laminate can be achieved.

This unit helps the glue to dry before the panel reaches the heating lamps.

Shortwave gold-plated infrared lamps soften the laminate so it can be easily bent. When the panel gets near to the lamps they instantly apply maximum heat with high voltage and then immediately cool as the end of panel passes.

The Triple cartridge unit is a big advantage for customers as they can keep three different profiles ready to run on the machine at any time. To change the profiles takes less than 10 min. All postforming profiles are possible with the machine, three of them are set in the factory, and for other profiles the customers can set them up by themselves after only a small amount of training.

The rollers of the cooling unit are made of metal and make the postformed laminate cool and hard for ease of trimming.

The trimming unit has a high frequency milling motor (12000 rpm) which cleans the top excesses of laminate to guarantee even smoother finish.

This has been developed especially for kitchen work tops. It is an indispensible unit since the grooves are used to protect panels against water, resulting in a longer life for panels. This is achieved, for instance, by filling the grooves with silicon.

Buffing unit is used for polishing the surface of panel. This provides a better finish with clean and smooth surfaces.

Technical datas:

Electrical Level : 400 V- 50 Hz.
Nominal Current : 58 A
Laminate Thickness : 1 mm
Laminate Height : 70 mm
Operating Speed : 2-18 m / min.
Total Electrical Power : 27,6 Kw
Working Height : 870 mm
Trimmer Power : 0,37 kW / 12000 rpm
Scoring Motor : 0,55 kW
Buffing Motor : 0,18 kW
Total Air Pressure : 6 Bar
Total Air Usage : 52 lt / min
Laminate Milling: 0,37 kW / 12000 rpm
Machine Width : 920 mm
Machine Length : 6500 mm
Machine Height : 1600 mm
Machine Weight : 2000 Kg
Dust Collector Entrance : 150 mm

T-PF 590 profiles

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To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.