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Turanlar Machinery
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T-PF 190

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T-PF 190

This is the most simplistic throughfeed postformer that Turanlar supply. Unlike the 280 and 590 it does not come with a triple cartridge carousel and a number of different trimming and buffing units. Only for very basic postformers.

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T-PF 190 product description

Units included with T-PF 190


Top & Bottom Heaters heat and soften the laminate, making it ready to be easily curved and applied to the panel.

Profile cartridges curve and apply laminate to the panel.

Trimming unit with one high frequency motor (11000 rpm) can easily clean the bottom excesses off half turn profiles.


Technical datas:

Electrical Level : 400 V- 50 Hz.
Nominal Current : 14,5 A
Laminate Thickness : 1 mm
Laminate Height : 70 mm
Operating Speed : 2-11 m / min.
Total Electrical Power : 5,5 Kw
Working Height : 870 mm
Laminate Milling : 0,37 kW / 12000 rpm
Machine Width : 940 mm
Machine Length : 3300 mm
Machine Height : 1600 mm
Machine Weight : 815 Kg.

T-PF 190 profiles

Profile 2 Profile 3 Profile 5 Profile 6 Profile 8 Profile 9 Profile 10 Profile 13
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.