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Machinery Services UK Limited

Roller Press

A Roller Press or Nip Roller as some refer to it, is a machine used for applying laminate to chipboard, MDF, or Plywood chipboard. This is a great product to have for any serious laminate fabricators. The machines that we provide are available to come in a number of different sizes depending on the size of wood that you plan on putting through the machine.

A roller press is a good machine to have as it is able to use its hard rubber rollers push the trapped air out of the laminate and core board. It also uses pneumatic presses to ensure the adhesive is applied with the correct amount of speed and pressure.

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This type of machine is not limited with the length of the work piece and is more energy efficient than a regular roller press. There isn’t a time limit on a roller press machine either like on presses. They take up less floor space even with their in feed and out feed tables and are a must for people having continuous mass production of laminate fabrication.

Machinery Services UK Ltd will be able to help you out with your roller press needs. Not only do we sell roller press machines but we also provide a service for them. We believe that a well looked after machine is will perform a lot better and a lot longer than a machine that is just left to stand. This is why we providing maintenance and service repairs to a wide variety of manufacturing machines.