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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
Call us on 01274 850950

Machinery Services UK Limited

Woodworking Machinery Engineers,
Manufactures of Postforming Machinery.
Re conditioning, removal & installation of all types of woodworking machinery

If you would like to make an inquiry about any aspect of sales,
training, servicing, repairs or adhesives then please Contact Us >>

Machinery Services UK Ltd

Mark Hinchliffe

(Managing Director)
Mobile: 07976575268
Tel Office: 01274 850950
Fax:01274 850950

Adam Hinchliffe

(Sales/Business Development)
Mobile: 07515555814
Tel Office: 01274 850950
Fax:01274 850950

Unit 3 St Johns Place
West Yorkshire
BD19 3RR


Machinery Sales

Machinery Services is able to offer a wide range of woodworking and HPL postforming machinery both new and second-hand. Below you can see some of the examples of machinery we work with and sell.
Veneer machinery: Postformers, Nip Rollers, Presses, Glue Spreaders, Brushing units and Guillotines

Solid Wood machines: Planer Moulders, Double End Tenoners, Multi-Ripsaws, Straight Line Edgers, Milling machines

Finishing Equipment: Automatic Spray and coating machines, Filling machines, UV and IR drying

Handling Equipment: Conveyors, Cross Transfers, Automatic loading and off-loading, Roller tracking.

Waste Wood Machinery: Hoggers, Chippers, Hammer mills, Industrial Vibrating Sieve, Conveyor systems, Magnet Units, Equalising Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, and Ducting

Complete Production Lines

If you have any specific requirements then please don’t hesitate to contact us as to what machinery you are looking for.

DMP 4000 Static Postformer
DMP 4000 Static Postformer

This second hand static postformer was manufactured in 1997 by ourselves. It is in great condition and is ideal for anyone who is wanting to postform either vanity units, worktops, IPS Panels etc.This machine is ideal for current postformers who understand the working process but need a newer machine. Great as a backup machine or for anyone wanting to replace there older versions but don't have the budget for a new machine. Please get in contact if you wish to view the machine and have any questions.

Bonding Systems Nip Rollers
Bonding Systems Nip Rollers

We currently have a used set of Bonding Systems Nip rollers for sale. They are in their original condition, fully working and fit for purpose. The rollers have only been recently recovered in the last 24 months and the pressure cylinders and a few other electrical parts have been modernised and upgraded from the original parts. Please get in touch for more pictures and availability. Please note these are rare machines to come across on the used market. So if you are interested don't hesitate as they will not be around for long. The ones we have now in stock are similar to the one in this image but in their original painted condition i.e. Green with Black rollers.

Used Turanlar T-RP 135 Nip Rollers
Used Turanlar T-RP 135 Nip Rollers

These nip rollers are rare to the used market. Manufactured in 2010 they are in great condition and relatively new for this type of machine. The power is single phase with manual adjustment for thickness of the work piece you are flat bonding. It also comes with an element heater to use in colder conditions for helping warm the HPL, Veneer or Plastic which you may be bonding. Please get in touch if you are interested these are extremely rare on the used machinery market. The image shown is an example of this type of machine and not the exact machine we have for sale.

Used Turanlar T-PF 280 Throughfeed Postformer
Used Turanlar T-PF 280 Throughfeed Postformer

This 2010 model Turanlar Throughfeed postformer comes with all the latest features you would find on the latest machines.Highlights are the three efficient medium wave IR Lamps and the three profile carousel system. This is a must for any postformed profile board/door manufacturer who wants to upgrade from their Static Postformers to something more efficient and modern. Please note the image shown is an example of this type of machine. If you are interested in viewing the machine then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Used Turanlar T-FC 198 Milling Machine
Used Turanlar T-FC 198 Milling Machine

This 2010 Used Turanlar T-FC 198 Milling machine comes with two cutting blocks and a grooving saw. This machine is ideal for spindle moulder users who require a safer and more modern approach to moulding and profiling. Originally set up to profile MDF edges for window boards. This machine is versatile and with the right tooling can be used for other purposes like profiling compact laminate edge panels for cubicles and lockers etc. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to come and view the machine.

Used Bonding Systems Static Postformer(s)
Used Bonding Systems Static Postformer(s)

We currently have two of these popular static postformers. They can be purchased as seen or we can provide them fully refurbished. If you would like to see some images of the refurbished postformers that we have completed then let us know. These machines are ideal for washroom manufacturers particularly those who produce postformed vanity units and IPS Panels. Get in touch if you are interested in these machines.