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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
Call us on 01274 850950

Machinery Services UK Limited

Used Woodworking Machine

If you’re looking for used woodworking machine than machinery services has the right deal for you. We have been supplying our products to a whole range of big companies for over 25 years now with little complaints about our machines or our work.

Through our 25 years of service we have more than likely seen it all anything that crops up its more than likely we will have seen it before and know how to handle the problem appropriately unlike other companies out there we want you to be completely satisfied with our work and which is why we let our customers choose the deadline, within reason.

Machinery services has been supplying top quality used woodworking machines to top brand names for over 25 years now and with many customers returning to us time and time again. We pride ourselves in customer service and do anything we can to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with our products and our services.

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We offer a whole range of services including maintenance and repairs as we want our machines to last for as long as we can so you can get complete satisfaction out of your machines. We believe that a well maintained machine will last a lot longer compared to one that is just left to stand.

We are able to offer removal of complete factories to removal of specific machinery in your works. We have years of experience in completion of removal projects for various firms whether they have been moving site or changing machinery, we have been able to move it for them.

We have installed used woodworking machines all over the world from HPL(High Pressure Laminate) press lines to Wood Waste Hoggers and Conveyor systems to Automated Window and Door spray lines and single pieces of woodworking or postforming machinery.