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UK Distributors of
Turanlar Machinery
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Machinery Services UK Limited

Wood Shredders For Sale

Machinery Services UK Ltd has a wide selection of wood shredders for sale, all in great condition and available at fair and honest prices. Over a 25 year period we have specialised in the installation, service, repair and sale of Veoplan, Massur, Weima, Dragon and Osmeca wood shredding and recycling machinery. Over this time we have managed to acquire what is a practically unrivalled level of knowledge, experience and understanding of what is required when providing wood shredders for sale as well as supplying full after sales reports, advice and suggestions to ensure your machinery is always running at its optimum levels of production and efficiency.

As well as providing wood shredders for sale, Machinery Services UK Ltd are also able to install your machinery for you, while also removing any particular piece that is required to site your new wood shredder. We have many years of experience in providing removal and installation services for various firms whether they are moving a complete factory or just changing machinery. Machinery Services UK Ltd prides ourselves on meeting specific customer deadlines and always go out of our way to ensure we are able to make our selves available whenever is required by yourself.

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There is currently a variety of wood shredders for sale on the market and Machinery Services UK Ltd is able to provide you with a complete selection, with the industry-wide contacts, knowledge and reputation to be able to source a specific model for you should you require it. The wood shredders for sale currently include:

High-Torque Roller:

These wood shredders are most popular for residential use. Using high-torque, low speed grinding rollers these wood shredders are driven by an electric motor and are comparatively quiet, self feeding and dust free – making them reasonably safe for an inexperienced wood shredder operator. Some models are also equipped with an anti-jamming feature.


We are also able to offer Drum wood shredders for sale. Some of the very first commercially available wood shredders, Drum shredders feature a mechanism consisting of a large motor powered steel drum. This is mounted parallel to the hopper and spins towards the output chute. As the drum draws the material through the feed mechanism it also chips it and any material dropped into the drum is pulled sharply and rapidly into the shredding mechanism.

Drum shredders require a highly skilled and experienced operator as they can be dangerous and even fatal if being operated in an unsafe manner, the excessive noise created by drum shredders also adds to the difficulty of use and large or long pieces of wood may become jammed in the drum, stalling the engine and requiring disassembly to remove the wood that has become lodged in the machinery. Digitally controlled feed systems on newer models of drum wood shredders for sale have overcome some of these disadvantages by allowing the drum to be controlled more accurately as well as adding additional muffling systems.


A relatively new design of wood shredders for sale, the disk shredder uses a steel disk with blades mounted to it as the chipping mechanism. Hydraulically powered wheels draw the material from the hopper towards the disk which is mounted perpendicularity to the incoming material, cutting it into chips which are then thrown out of the chute using flanges attached to the drum.


Much larger machinery such as whole tree recycling wood shredders for sale can also be provided by Machinery Services UK Ltd. These can typically handle material of 2 feet to 6 feet in diameter and may employ disks, drums or a combination of both. Tub Grinders, which are currently the largest available wood shredders for sale can handle material up to 8 foot in diameter and use carbide tipped flail hammers to pulverize the wood rather than cut it. These particular models require either a medium or heavy duty truck for towing purposes depending on the specific size.

Machinery Services UK Ltd is able to provide a range of wood shredders for sale as well as supplying the after sales care, maintenance and advice that is often required. Should you have any further questions regarding the wood shredders for sale from Machinery Services UK Ltd then please don't hesitate to get in contact and we can discuss the options available to you further. You can complete the short form available on our Contact Us page, e-mail us at or telephone us directly on 01274 850950. Machinery Services UK Ltd is one of the areas leading providers of genuinely high quality and fairly priced wood shredders for sale and we are entirely capable of providing installation, servicing and maintenance of that machinery after the sale has been completed.